Why SmartCards ?

Because this is the smartest business card in the world.

Touch the future of business cards with SmartCards , smart business cards for the digital age.

The most durable and practical business card ever made.

With its built-in RF technology, SmartCards trigger the Add to Contacts feature when they touch a compatible smartphone: iPhone or Android .



✔️Immediately transfer your contacts
✔️Made of durable plastic or metal
✔️No special applications are required
✔️Update your data in real time


How does SmartCards compare to a mobile app that can scan and store a traditional business card ?

Most of these applications can scan, recognize and sort data only from simply designed business cards with a white background and simple fonts. In addition, their user interface is usually very weak and requires too many steps to add cards to contacts.

In general, these applications are too cumbersome and time consuming compared to SmartCard.

First steps

Touch the future of business cards with SmartCard , the smart business card for the digital age.