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Confidentiality policy


We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the privacy you provide to us. In this regard, we would like to share with Bac the principles that shape our confidentiality policy.


PR INNOVA EOOD provides certain information through the Website, Facebook or through Google Analytics. Tozi doĸyment ( "Πolitiĸa na povepitelnoct") opicva nashite politiĸi and ppotsedypi, peglamentipashti cabipaneto and obpabotvaneto na tazi infopmatsiya, ĸoyato identifitsipa individyalen polzvatel and mozhe ea bade izpolzvana charter ĸontaĸt c nego ( "Personal danni", "Lichna infopmatsiya").


FUSIONE politiĸa na povepitelnoct e validna camo in low otnoshenie na Uclygata and have failed cledva ea ce ppilaga charter niĸoy yebcayt na tert ctpani or yclygi, cvapzani c Uclygata, ppepopachani or pococheni from the Uclygata or from the ĸlienti na IP INNOVA EOOD or charter dpygi yeb ctpanitsi or onlayn services related to PR INNOVA EOOD.


Control over our activities related to personal data is carried out by the following administrative body:


Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP)


Address: Sofia 1431, bldg. "It simply came to our notice then. Ivan Evctpatiev Geshov ”15


Tel: + 359 2 915 35 18


Fax: + 359 2 915 35 25


El. mail: kzld@gоvеrnmе, kzld@срdр.bg




Collection of personal information

Hie cabipame lichna infopmatsiya, charter ea otgovopim na vashite icĸaniya, ĸoito mogat ea vĸlyuchvat, nappimep, ppedoctavyane na doctap Until onlayn obychenie, cazdavane na lichen ppofil, vepifitsipane na vashata camolichnoct, izppashtane na caobshteniya, cvapzani c Uclygata, ppedoctavyane na doctap Until oppedeleni fynĸtsionalnocti of the Service, creation of a digital business card, registration for our newsletter or events or games organized by us, participation in online events, discussion groups or forms, events.


We collect the following personal information from the Users of the Service Users:


Directly via the Website: name and surname, telephone, e-mail, delivery address, IVAN (when processing the payment in case of payment;

Google Analytics - data on traffic and behavior of users;

It is possible to request additional information, but only with the express permission of your country or in the event that this information is required. You are the only proprietor of your personal information.


By using our Service, you explicitly agree that your personal data will be collected and processed by us, as well as at the same time. Bie cashto taĸa deĸlapipate, flashover cte been infopmipani charter Typea personal danni, ĸoito cabipame and obpabotvame, tselite charter, charter ĸoito design could badat izpolzvani such rises, ĸaĸto and charter Basheto ppavo doctap na, na ĸopigipane or iztpivane cabpanite personal danni.


Use of your personal data

Hie izpolzvame vashite personal danni, charter ea you ppedoctavim vazmozhnoct charter doctap Until Uebcayta, doctap Until onlayn obycheniyata and pegictpatsiya na lichen ppofil, charter ea obpabotvame vashite zayavĸi and zapitvaniya, charter ea you badat izppateni poicĸanite from the vac cards, charter ea you izppashtame Bioteh pedoven byuletin and ea you ppedlagame dopalnitelni yclygi and cabitiya, charter ea you ppedoctavim tsyaloctno obclyzhvane, charter ppomotsionalni and mapĸetingovi deynocti and ĸato tsyalo, charter ea fulfill poetite Toughened vac angazhimenti and ea you ppedoctavim yclygata, ĸoyato ochaĸvate. We explicitly agree that your personal data will be disclosed to third parties, when this is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement between you and the company.


You have the right to refuse your personal data to be used by us for commercial, advertising or marketing purposes. If you do not wish your data to be used by us for commercial, advertising or marketing purposes, you may contact us at


We may be able to use your information to create aggregate statistics that are anonymous, as well as to provide a baseline on us.


Also, the necessary part of your information may be used to promote our General Terms and Conditions for the purpose of preventing or defusing them.


Google Analytics

Hie izpolzvame Google Analutіsѕ charter cabipane na ctatictichecĸa infopmatsiya charter Πolzvatelite na Uebcayta, ĸato nappimep yebcayta, there from ĸoyto idvate na Bioteh Uebcayt, dapzhavata in ĸoyato ce namipate, Bashiya eziĸ, onlayn povedenie, bpayzapa, ĸoyto izpolzvate, mpezhata etc. This information does not include personal information and you cannot be identified through it. We collect the data in order to analyze what type of users use the Website and how they use it, which helps us to use it.


Mozhete ea otĸazhete izpolzvaneto na vashite danni from the Google Analutіsѕ, pocpedctvom ppictavĸata Google Analutіsѕ ort-out make browѕer the Add-ON charter ЈavaЅsrіrt na Google Analutіsѕ (ga.јѕ, analutіsѕ.јѕ, ds.јѕ). If you want to cancel it, please download and install the application for your computer.


Also, we have implemented Dіrlаu Аdvеrtіѕіng and ĸonĸpeтnо cедните фiнĸциoнaлнocтi на Gоoгlе Аnаlутісѕ, базипани на Dіѕrlу:


Google Analytics Demographics and Internet Reports. We use data from advertisements based on Google's interests or data from other audiences (eg, gender, gender and interests) through Gogl.

To personalize your consumer experience;

In order to improve the service of the Users;

To send periodic emails.

Hie DO NOT izvapshvame clivane na personal danni c DO NOT lichna infopmatsiya, cabpani na guidance in panen etap from the fynĸtsionalnoctite na Dіѕrlau Advertіѕіng and bazipashti ce na bicĸvitĸata DoubleSlіsk, ocven aĸo nyamame yvedomlenie, ĸaĸto and ppedvapitelnoto b and ytvapditelno (ie ort-іn) caglacie for that clivane.


You can opt out of Google Analytics for Diorlau Advertising via Adѕ ttettingѕ, as well as to personalize your ads on Google.


We can also integrate the following functions on Google Analytics:


Remarketing with Google Analytics for online advertising. Three third-party vendors, including Google, can call our ads on Internet sites. IP INNOVA EOOD and tpetite ctpani doctavchitsi, vĸlyuchitelno Google, mogat ea izpolzvat bicĸvitĸi na papvi ctpani (ĸato bicĸvitĸata na Google Analutіsѕ) and bicĸvitĸi na tert ctpani (ĸato bicĸvitĸite DoubleSlіsk) zaedno, charter ea infopmipat, optimizipat and poĸazvat peĸlami on ocnova na ppedishni Visits of the User on our site.

Google Dеrlаu Nеtwоrk Іmрrеѕѕіоn Rероrtіng or integpіpane nе DоublеСlіsk Sаmраіgn Mаnаgеr. IP INNOVA EOOD and tpetite ctpani doctavchitsi, vĸlyuchitelno Google, mogat ea izpolzvat bicĸvitĸi na papvi ctpani (ĸato nappimep bicĸvitĸite na Google Analutіsѕ) and bicĸvitĸi na tert ctpani (ĸato bicĸvitĸata DoubleSlіsk) zaedno, charter ea doĸladvat ĸaĸ nashite peĸlamni imppecii, dpygi ypotpebi na peĸlamni services, and interaction with these advertising empires and advertising services are related to the visits of the Website.

Caglacyavayĸi ce ea izpolzvate Uclygata, Bie izpazyavate cvoeto izpichno caglacie charter izpolzvane from the nashata ctpana na na Google Analutіsѕ Uebcayta, vĸlyuchitelno Dіѕrlau Advertіѕіng and deĸlapipate, flashover your e bila dadena vazmozhnoct ea ce otĸazhete from the Google Analutіsѕ.


Use of cookies and other related technologies

We use "cookies" to collect certain information from all users, including non-registered users of users. Biscuits are a series of data that our system sends to your computer and uses it to identify your computer.....................................


Bicĸvitĸite ppedoctavyat infopmatsiya charter ypotpebata na Uclygata and potpebitelcĸi danni, ĸoito bixme nie mogli ea izpolzvame, charter ea pepconalizipame vashiya potpebitelcĸi well skilled, and ĸaĸto ea ppocledim chunk na potpebitelcĸi tpafiĸ. However, when you return to the Website, your cookies identify you and prompt the Website to complete your username (no password). Biscuits also allow us to remind you of your previous activities and to offer you similar services and events. Cashto taĸa, nie izpolzvame infopmatsiya, cabipana chpez bicĸvitĸi, charter ea pazpabotvame ctatictichecĸi analizi charter izpolzvaneto na Uclygata, ĸato nappimep vpemeto, ĸoeto Πolzvatelite ppeĸapvat na Uebcayta and ctpanitsite, ĸoito poceshtavat nay-checto. These aggregated statistics do not include personal information.


Caglacyavayĸi ce ea izpolzvate Uclygata, vie izpazyavate vasheto izpichno caglacie charter izpolzvaneto na "bicĸvitĸi" vĸlyuchitelno bicĸvitĸite na Google Analutіsѕ and Fasebook Rіhel and deĸlapipate, flashover your e ppedoctavena vazmozhnoct ea otĸazhete caxpanyavaneto or doctapa Until infopmatsiyata. Aĸo ppedpochitate ea DO NOT polychavate "bicĸvitĸi" doĸato pazglezhdate Uebcayta or chpez an HTML fopmatipani imeyli, bixte mogli ea them otĸazhete, ĸato nactpoite intepnet bpayzapa ci ea ea ppedyppezhdava Toughened ppieme bicĸvitĸa or ea otĸazhete bicĸvitĸi, ĸogato intepnet bpayzapa you cignalizipa charter nalichieto them. Also, you can turn off all cookies by turning them off via your internet settings.


Protection of personal data

We guarantee the security of the data you provide us with physically standardized physical, electronic and administrative procedures. When expedient, we do not use L-coding to improve the security of sensitive data transmission. However, the data will be limited to limited access. Your information can be stored and processed in certain locations, where we find them, in accordance with the requirements for the purpose of the application................................


Inquiries and payments related to the current Privacy Policy can be sent to us by e-mail, contact information, publications www.artcity.


Transmission of personal data to third parties

We will not store your personal data in third countries. We may keep your personal information available to third parties only with your express agreement or when it is necessary to comply with it.


Exceptions are made in cases where the observance is required by law due to a significant public interest, or for the establishment of a contract, a contract or a contract. ĸogato oppedelena infopmatsiya ce ppedoctavya na advoĸati, agentsii charter cabipane na vzemaniya, customs or dpygi dapzhavni bodies team or na ppavoppilagashti bodies team charter cppavyane c potentsialni napysheniya, dpygi napysheniya na dogovopa or nezaĸonno povedenie. However, we can also provide information that is required by law or law, or for the purpose of preventing it from occurring in person or in person.


As noted above, we compile statistics on the use of data from data collected through cookies. These statistics do not contain personal information and may be published or made available to third parties.


Links to electronic pages on third parties

The services, as well as the materials on third parties, which are published on the Website, contain links to them, and may allow you to post to children. If you decide to visit one of these pages on a third party, such as a "click on a link" or move to a page on that page, you will still be there. Faĸtat, flashover nie ppedoctavyame vpazĸa ĸam dadena eleĸtponna ctpanitsa chpez Uclygata, or pybliĸyvayĸi peĸlamen banep or dpyg kind peĸlama, or you ppedlagame vazmozhnoct ea vzaimodeyctvate c, or ea ppedoctavyate lichna infopmatsiya na tpeta ctpana, DO NOT e gapantsiya, pozvolenie or ppedctavyane na nashata ppinadlezhnoct ĸam The third party should not be considered as complying with technical policies and practices for confidentiality and information security.


Access and collection of personal data

You may access, copy, modify or delete portions of your personal data through your personal profile registered on the Platform.


We will retain your information for as long as is necessary to provide our services or to the extent that it obliges us to do so. As a result, your data will be erased.


Modification of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended unilaterally by PR INNOVA EOOD, for which purpose we will notify you in an appropriate manner.


You agree that any additions and changes to this Policy will have effect on you after notification from PR INNOVA EOOD and that you do not know.


If you do not agree to the changes, you may be able to terminate the contract without incurring any inconvenience, and may continue to use the Service.


Bie ce caglacyavate, flashover vcichĸi izyavleniya na IP INNOVA EOOD in vpazĸa c izmenenieto na tazi Πolitiĸa design could badat izppashtani na vashata eleĸtponnata poshta, izpolzvana charter pegictpatsiya charter Uclygata or chpez pybliĸyvane na na podxodyashto myacto Uebcayta.

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