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Every day we celebrate innovation, giving people around us convenient solutions for business and everyday life. And because we are looking for constant innovation, we decided to celebrate this day properly.
As of today, Smart Cards is starting to work on a new goal - to introduce metal smart business cards and stop making plastics to contribute to the environment.
So we decided to you  make empathetic  and yes  we invite everyone who loves Smart Cards and wants to support us to protect the environment,  by ordering a metal card for pre-sale at a price of BGN 100 instead of BGN 200.
Today we invite you and your friends to unite in  our cause as you do  a gift  "SmartCard - First Metal Edition" on the occasion of our second birthday. So, together,   we will be able to realize the first generation  metal smart business cards - "First Metal Edition" .
Your gift will help us reach more people in Europe and achieve our goal of 700 million innovators and active people on our continent.
Happy holiday everyone! Thank you for being a part  from our smart family!
Our time is limited, so help us with our mission by ordering your metal business card in advance.
with order of "First Metal Edition"

Thank you for helping me change the world!

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