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People make subjective judgments about others regularly - consciously and subconsciously. The first impression is important and surprisingly accurate, but it can also mislead us with both prejudice and misperception. It is an integral part of human interactions and philosophies.

Of course, there is a way to control this powerful tool of influence, and this guide is designed to help you do just that: control both the impression you leave on everyone you meet and your own perception of it. the new people in your life.

The first impressions are surprisingly correct. You can predict very quickly if you like a person and if others will. If your first impression is a mistake, it may take some time to realize this, as you tend to expect only what you believe to happen. When you expect a certain reaction, you will probably perceive it, even if it is not there.

Armed with this knowledge, what should you do? Here are the most important things to focus on to structure your flawless first impression:

  1. Be accurate

Arriving on time is one of the best guidelines for whether a person is responsible, disciplined and serious. At the first meeting (and not only) it is important to be punctual. It doesn't make a good impression when you have someone waiting for you. You leave the feeling that the meeting is not a priority for you. Arrive on time and consider your environment in order to arrive on time. Or better yet, leave 10 minutes early to get ahead and make an even better first impression, as well as to have time to prepare for the meeting.


2. Show a flawless appearance

Much of the first impression is due to the clothes. It is estimated that up to 90% of the initial sensation we leave is related to them because they cover up to 90% of the body. When you go on an important date with a stranger, choose your clothes carefully and dress in a way that inspires success. This does not mean wearing the most expensive brands that Cardi B shows in its new video! Clothes must be clean, neat and nice looking. My recommendation - stick to the minimalist style or the motto "The less, the better". Do not overdo it with jewelry, perfume or makeup if you are a lady, so as not to inspire the feeling that you are on a date with Tutankhamun or Cleopatra. Comply with the environment: Where are you going on a date? In what organization? What kind of person will you talk to? In what situation?

3. Master the body language SI

At the very beginning of each new contact, one judges the other side. Is she a threat to him, or is she friendly? Will it be useful to him with something, or will it waste his time? Does he like it or not? The body emits signs that are divided into four groups - signs of the head, arms, torso and legs. If you want to leave a favorable first impression, you should know the basic signs. The most important thing is to smile casually and more often, to shake hands calmly and confidently, to maintain active eye contact with the interlocutor, to use an upright posture and more open positions (instead of closed) of the torso, arms and legs, to control your voice and speak with balanced power and pace.

4. Think positive

Your attitude and attitude towards things in life is reflected in everything you do. If you have positive thinking and you are a confident and open person, this will help you in every conversation and will make a strong impression. And the opposite is true, of course. Try to radiate a positive attitude, even when you find yourself in a difficult or unexpected situation during your meeting. To do this, you need to develop skills to self-observe, self-analyze and self-control.


5. Be yourself

Yes, in order to make an exceptional first impression, you often need to meet certain imposed standards and get into certain "molds". However, this is always relative and should be tailored to the situation. If something is against your nature and makes you feel uncomfortable - do not do it. Above all, be yourself. Authenticity is very important, both in sales and in job interviews or conversations with colleagues. Discover your unique positive traits and use them to make a brighter first impression.

6. Focus on the interlocutor

In each meeting, there are two options: either you will focus on your own goals in the conversation, or you will focus on the goals of the interlocutor. I advise you to avoid the first option and follow the second. Your own goals are clear and you should not lose sight of them. But to achieve them, you should focus primarily on the goals of your interlocutor. In this way you will not encounter a strong defensive reaction on his part and it will be easier to build an initial level of self-confidence. Conversation is possible only when you focus on the goals of your interlocutor and at least in the beginning forget (but not forever) about your personal goals. This is one of the surest ways to make an excellent and lasting first impression.

7. Get ready

One of the tried and tested ways to create a favorable first impression before meeting a stranger or audience is to bet on good preparation. Preparation gives you peace of mind that you are in control of the situation, that you are in control of the situation. You know who you're talking to, what you have to say, what you want to ask. This gives confidence, and confidence radiates positive energy. This energy is easily felt by the interlocutor and he is aware that he is talking to a prepared and stable professional.

  1. Show good manners

For starters, turn off the sound on your smartphone. This will show that you are a polite and respectful person who will devote 100% of his attention to the interlocutor without wasting his time. Also, do not switch to "you" from the very beginning, without indications that the other party also agrees with this, do not be familiar (without "How are we?", Etc. similar questions to start the conversation); Do not interrupt; Be careful what you order - anything but coffee, tea or water can be problematic. Very often good manners go unnoticed. On the other hand, bad manners are immediately obvious, memorable and can easily ruin the chance to make a great first impression.

9. Address by name

One surefire way to make a very first impression is to address your interlocutor by name whenever possible. The address by name brings a personal element to the conversation. It also shows that you are an attentive person who remembers names. Many people don't remember names at all, but that's because they don't bother to remember them.


In summary

You have a few minutes, even seconds, to make a great first impression. This impression is very lasting and once created, it is very difficult to change.

It is no coincidence that our motto in SmartCard is:

You have no second chance to make a perfect first impression.


Skillfully use what you have learned in this chapter and do not be afraid to practice to improve!

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