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There is a way to invest

with minimal risk

in a Bulgarian company





Expected return.

Investment in

digital business cards  

RFID wallets and wi-fi stickers .

Smart Cards provides an opportunity to invest in Bulgarian products

imposed on the European market, which is secured by product .

Available. Simplified. Tax free.


  • Choose from packages from BGN 30 to BGN 500. Increase the package when you want.

  • Get online and save time.

  • No additional fees.

  • Do you need the money? Sell to another investor.

There is a risk that you will not return your capital in the event of the company's bankruptcy.

Smart Cards is not a bank, it does not collect deposits and the capital is not guaranteed by the BNB or another financial guarantor. 

Lower risk or higher return. The choice is yours.

Your profit is generated from the sales of our Smart Cards. Your capital is secured in the form of the company's products at the beginning of your investment. 

Choose from the types of packages for faster returns or higher profits.

Annotation 2020-07-15 183741.jpg
Annotation 2020-07-15 183741.jpg

How do we deal with risk?

By investing a small amount that is fully covered by our products, we cover the risk of complete loss of your investment. At the same time, we are strategically developing the company on the European market by generating interested leads through lead products on the one hand and negotiating with corporate clients on the other.

Do you have questions? Contact us.

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