Get ready to be social

after COVID-19

The Reinvention of the Business Card is Finally Here.

We are a technology company that strives to improve technology and provide smart devices that benefit both people and businesses.


We have developed SmartCard technology to help people and organizations combine their physical and digital social worlds.


Our smart devices use instant SmartCard sharing technology to preserve authentic social interactions in real life.

We have also created the world's first smart business card, SmartCard , which makes it easy to share all your social networks. No scanning application required for compatible devices. To make it easier for others to add your information directly to their contacts and choose the online platforms they would like to follow to stay connected to you.

Invest in  SmartCard

SmartCard has revolutionized the way we connect in real life and currently has over 1,200+ network users worldwide, creating hundreds of thousands of social performances.

In the last 6 months alone, SmartCard has achieved a growth of 900%, interrupting the market of standard business cards: 10 million + are printed every year.


This has led to the generation of a huge number of interested investors.

Don't miss the chance to invest in SmartCards today!


The smartest business card in the world

Instantly transfer your contacts to compatible smartphones.

Made of durable plastic, metal, ceramic or leather.

No Special Apps Required on Compatible Smartphones.

Update your contact details in real time.

Traditional networking for the digital lifestyle.

✔️ Profile photo or logo
✔️ Contact details
✔️ Social media profiles
✔️ Location
✔️ Portfolio
✔️ PayPal / payment profiles
✔️ Music playlist
✔️ Video playlist
✔️ External links and much more
✔️ Use SmartCard as a badge for all your employees.
✔️ The badge serves as a great networking tool for events with potential customers.
Marble Surface

Get rid of your old, traditional, paper business cards and replace them with the only business card you need!

This elegant and stylish smart business card will not only replace the need to constantly order more business cards, but it is sure to give your potential customers and colleagues an unforgettable first impression ... every time!
Don't wait! Get your smart business card now and start creating a meaningful and unique networking experience with everyone you meet. And the best part is ... You only need one business card!

Sanya Borisova

The smart business card saves tree felling and the hamalogy of storing multiple business cards. And yet there is no second chance for a first impression!

Teddy Katsarova

Smart Card's exclusive technology records record-fast data sharing and automates business cards to give you the boost when you need it, increasing your chances of winning a new customer.

Magdalena Ivanova


I love everything digital and I gladly use my smart business card at every meeting!

Reneta Vasileva, business consultant

Although I still use paper business cards, I decided I didn't need to print that much.

Plamen Tsanev, entrepreneur

Definitely catches the eye smart business card SmartCard! I highly recommend!

Emil Mitev, photographer

This is a new and interesting idea that is definitely aimed at the world of technology. The future of links, names and telephones is to be integrated and quickly accessible.

Andrey Petkov, financial consultant

If you want to impress and remember your new contacts, SmartCard is really a very good solution!

Hrisimir Rusev, merchant

To anyone considering buying a SmartCard: Don't be surprised, this will be one of the best decisions you've made!

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