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Your contacts in one place


The best way to share your information

Дигитална визитка

Next generation of networking


Smart Card Personalized

69.99 лв.


Smart Card Bamboo

99.19 лв.

Gold BRATAN.jpg

Smart Card Metal

159.29 лв.

This is your digital business card

After one touch of your Smart Card to the opposite phone, your unique web page with your contacts opens. 

Smart Card is compatible with all devices. The only thing you need to make sure before using it is whether the NFC function is enabled on the other device. If it's Apple, it's on by default.

In case it does not have the corresponding function, you can always scan the QR code on the reverse side of the card.


Start making easy and successful connections now!

Умна визитка
Смарт Карта
First impressions matter

We are changing networking from the ground up

Create unforgettable connections. With just one touch of the Smart Card, you instantly transfer your digital business card to the other phone. Easily and quickly customize it through our website to fit into any situation.
Защо смарт визитката е по-добра от хартиените



How to use your Smart Card

1. Order it
2. Register on our website
3. Log in: profile>my smart business cards.
4. Choose the business card you want and edit it. Add your contacts to it.
5. You are ready. You can start touching it to smartphones and enjoy easy networking.

Умна визитка
безконтактна визита

Sanya Borisova

A smart business card saves you from cutting down trees and the hassle of storing multiple business cards. And yet there is no second chance for a first impression!

Дигитална визитка
Дигитална визитка

3000+ people trusted us. Be one of them!

безконтактна визита

Teddy Katsarova

Smart Card's exclusive technology records record-fast data sharing and automates business cards to give you the boost when you need it, increasing your chances of winning a new customer.

Дигитална визитка
Дигитална визитка
Безконтактна визитка

Magdalena Ivanova

I love all things digital and enjoy using my smart business card at every meeting! 

Дигитална визитка
Дигитална визитка

Some of our trusted customers and partners

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